Babolat X Feel Rise (Strung/No Cover)


Discover the X-Feel Rise racquet for the versatile club player who wants an easy to handle, high-precision racquet. Balanced weight and a flexible shaft are the two features that create the perfect combination of performance and pleasure. The shot optimizer gives you more tolerance at impact for more accurate shots.


POWER – Specially designed to enhance the power of your shots

PRECISION – Discover our Shot Optimizer technology, which makes your every stroke as precise as possible.

SHOT OPTIMIZER – Check out the frame shape designed specifically to increase the head surface. Its 360cm2 (55.8 inch) head size gives the racquet greater tolerance, with a maximised sweetspot to facilitate winning shots.


Player Typology – Versatiles
Weight – 85 g +/- 4 g
Flexibility – Flexible
Balance – 290 mm +/- 5 mm
Balance Type – Even Balance
Length – 675 mm
Stringing Pattern – 20×21
Tension Recommended – 8-12 kg
String Type – Synthetic
Composition – Carbon Wood handle
No Cover
Grip 2

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