Patterned Cotton Yoga Eye Pillow (Lavender/Linseed)- various colours


Indulge in tranquillity and elevate your post-yoga bliss with Yoga-Mad’s delicately scented lavender Patterned Cotton Yoga Eye Pillow. Beautifully designed, these yoga eye pillows are your gateway to ultimate relaxation and mindfulness, helping you unwind after your yoga practice or a stressful day.

This eye pillow contains a blend of linseed and lavender, designed to promote relaxation, enhance meditation, and promote mindfulness. The 100% cotton cover is both removable and washable, allowing you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene effortlessly. Warm on a radiator (or 30sec carefully in the Microwave) or chill in the fridge!

Aromatherapy bliss: Infused with lavender and linseed for relaxation and mindfulness
Easy maintenance: The 100% organic cotton cover is removable and washable for effortless hygiene

Product Details
Material: 100% cotton with linseed & lavender filling
Dimensions: 20cm (L) x 10cm (W)
Weight: 200g
Care Instructions: The outer cover is completely removeable for washing purposes. Hand wash in cold water separately. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not machine wash or spin. Line dry.

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Blue Leaf, Purple Leaf