Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 X-Top


The best mix of power and manageability with the Carboflex 130 X-TOP racket! The racket used by Marwan El Shorbagy.

The Carboflex 130 X-TOP racket is used on the Tour by some of the best players. High-performance, it’s perfect for amateur and competitive players looking for the best combination of power and manageability. Light (130 g) for easy manageability and quick play. Maximum power with 500 cm² head size and Dynamix V.P. multifilament strings, it’s the most powerful in the Tecnifibre line. The racket shape was redesigned by the “Airshaft” section for better aerodynamics and head acceleration. The single shaft is reinforced on the two sides with “X-Arms” tendons to limit racket flexibility and provide stability and precision on impact. To increase grip effect and tolerance against off-centre shots, the Carboflex 130 X-TOP features “Extended String hole” technology: 12 eyelets at specific spots on the frame (at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock) have been enlarged to let the strings breathe and enhance their elasticity.

Material Graphite
Head size 500cm² / 78in²
Weight 130g / 4,6oz
Balance 350mm
Length 68,5cm
Stringing pattern 14×18
Cross section 13-18mm
Stringing presence Dynamix VP

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