Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls (Tube of 4)


For more than 40 years, every point at the US Open has been scored with a Wilson US Open tennis ball. Unparalleled consistency and performance make it the gold standard in tennis, trusted by the best in the game when it’s all on the line. Crafted with premium woven felt for superior bounce characteristics over the course of three sets, this ball is available in Extra Duty, Regular Duty and High Altitude variations to ensure optimal performance on your preferred playing surface.

Approved by USTA and ITF for competitive play
Official Ball of the US Open
Made with premium woven felt
Extra Duty: Ideal performance on hard, abrasive courts
Regular Duty: Ideal performance on soft, clay/indoor surfaces
High Altitude: Ideal performance on surfaces above 3,000 ft.
Can includes 4 balls
Balls are numbered to differentiate from balls used by other players on neighboring courts

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